Paving way for another disaster: Contractor digging out stone and earth from foundation of Indus River Bund

District General

Ratodero, Sindh: The corrupt officials of irrigation department and the contractors have not learnt any lesson from the devastation caused by floods in 2010 and indulged again in paving the way for another disaster in future as during ongoing stone-pitching and earthwork for strengthening Indus River bund from village Izat Ji Wandh of Deh Tajodero to LS Bund (total eight miles) the stone is of inferior quality and earth is taken from the bottom of the bund instead of bringing it from other places.

The villagers of Datar Dino Agani, Wahid Bux Agani, Ali Hassan Khuhro villages held protest demonstration and demanded immediate inquiry into the work. Villagers Mir Hassan Agani, Gada Hussain Agani, Manik Sethar and others told reporters that the contractors are not doing quality work for strengthening the bund in connivance of irrigation officials.

They further said that taking out earth from the bottom of the bund will further destroy it as its foundation will become very weak. They said that very small pieces of stones are used in pitching work which the mighty Indus River will wash away during peak season. If this malpractice continued, the villagers feared, nobody will be able to save this bund from breach during next flood season.

The villagers further alleged that large stones are to be filled in the bottom of the bund but the contractors are doing contrary to it pitching small pieces which will ultimately destroy whole pitching of the bund.

They further said that Irrigation officers have never paid any visit to the ongoing work and totally rely on the contractors who are doing their job at their will without observing proper specifications.

Meanwhile, Executive Engineer, Dadu Canal, Larkana, Amjad Pervaiz Dawach, told reporters that earthwork is not included in the tender but SDO Habib Shah said while talking to media that where earth filling work is needed it will be carried out.

When the XEN & SDO was informed about the complaints of the villagers that stone quality is inferior they said that villagers are not technical persons and the work is going on satisfactorily.

It may be recalled that during 2010 floods this bund including Nusrat Loop Bund was declared vulnerable point including Akil-Agani Bund where seepage occurred at several points. After that serious situation the government took efforts to strengthen it but low quality work without monitoring by respective agencies has created lot of doubts that the work will be of low quality posing threat of disaster in future.