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Pappu Shah, others decry polls rigging in Badin

Badin, Sindh: Pakistan Muslim League Functional PMLF candidate on NA235 Bibi Yasmeen Shah, PMLF candidate on PS57 Syed Ali Bux alias Pappu Shah, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz PMLN candidate on PS59 Ismail Rahu, and Peoples Muslim League candidate on PS58 Haji Taj Muhammad Mallah poll rigging in Badin where the Pakistan Peoples’ Party Parliamentarian PPPP swept the polls.

Addressing a press conference at the resident of Pappu Shah they alleged that the PPPP candidates captured polling stations and stuffed ballot boxes. They said in many areas polling process was forcibly stopped before the ending of polling time. They said the mandate of people of Sindh has been snatched and stolen. They said they would not accept the polls result.

They demanded of the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP to take notice of the rigging and order re-election in district Badin. They said they would challenge the result in High Court.


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