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Palestinian Intelligence foils planned sale of land to Israelis

Ramallah, (UNA-OIC) - The Palestinian General Intelligence in Qalqilya, north of the occupied West Bank, said on Monday that it was able to foil a plan to sell land to Israelis and to arrest those involved in the deal.

It revealed on its website that four people, including a lawyer, were arrested after they were suspected of getting involved in attempts to sell land to Israelis, noting that the lands are located in Jerusalem, Qalqilya, Nablus, Tulkarm and inside Israel.

One of those involved in the foiled sale who fled to Israel and a land broker from inside Israel worked together to pass the deal estimated to over $11 million.

The suspects were arrested and all procedures and power of attorney documents that they were about to prepare were stopped preventing a plot to sell thousands of dunums of Palestinian land to Israel, said the intelligence sources.

The suspects and the case were referred to the public prosecutor for further legal actions.

Sale of land to Israelis is illegal in Palestine because it allows illegal Israeli settlers to take control of Palestinian land in an area the Palestinians want to build their future state.

Source: Interantional Islamic News Agency


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