Pakistan’s Only Opium Factory Reopened After 11 Years

Pakistan’s only opium manufacturing factory, established in 1942 in Lahore, has resumed its operations after 11 years.

The Lahore Government Opium Alkaloid Factory was closed in 2012 due to a number of issues, such as a lack of proper enforcement measures. Furthermore, officials had also identified irregularities in the distribution of opium tablets to patients.

According to estimates, the opium facility will result in savings of $400 to $500 million in foreign exchange once it starts its operations smoothly.

As opium is not legally available, herbal pharmacies have turned towards artificial alternatives, which are far less effective. The Government Opium Alkaloid Factory will resolve this issue.

Pakistan’s sole opium manufacturing facility is responsible for providing medicinal opium powder to licensed pharmaceutical companies and herbal centers.

Furthermore, as per the prescription of registered doctors in Punjab, it also supplies opium to individuals with addiction problems.

Earlier in June this year, the Punjab government had issued orders to restore the factory. It should be noted that it is the largest opium manufacturing facility in South Asia.

Narcotics Control Agencies of the provinces were asked to provide the first batch of 640 kg of opium a few months ago.

Excise authorities had also revealed that A-category opium will be supplied at 40 thousand rupees per kg from the factory to pharmaceutical companies.

Source: Pro Pakistani