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Pakistan Protest’s Unprovoked Firing Incident

Islamabad: The Afghan Charge d’ Affaires was summoned to the Foreign Office on Tuesday for conveying protest of the Government of Pakistan on repetition of an unprovoked firing incident that took place on Monday from the Afghan posts on the Pakistani Gursal post.

As a result of this unprovoked firing incident five Frontier Constabulary FC, soldiers got injured. As in the past, Pakistan security forces exercised maximum restraint and communicated first to the Afghan side about repetition of this serious violation through military channels.

The Afghan Cd’A was conveyed Government of Pakistan’s serious concern and asked to advise the relevant authorities in Afghanistan to avoid repetition of unprovoked firing which undermines the existing coordination mechanisms between the security forces of the two countries.

Afghan Cd’A was also conveyed that in case of any further escalation as a result of this situation, the responsibility would be on the Afghan Government.

Pakistan feels that repetition of unprovoked firing incidents are adversely affecting the friendly relations between the two brotherly countries which have covered a long distance in building trust and understanding in the recent years.


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