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OUP workshop on mathematics course

Karachi: As a part of its ongoing teacher training programme, Oxford University Press is conducting a workshop for teachers on its mathematics series, New Syllabus PrePrimary Mathematics and New Syllabus Primary Mathematics on Saturday.

New Syllabus Pre-Primary Mathematics is a series especially written for pre-primary school pupils to build a solid foundation in mathematics. It gives a step-by-step introduction to numbers till 100. The books present real life situations to demonstrate the relevance of mathematics in daily life. Mathematical concepts are taught progressively at each level. Colourful illustrations, exercises, games, and puzzles make the learning of mathematics fun and challenging.

New Syllabus Primary Mathematics is a complete Mathematics course for primary schools, which provides a clearly structured progression from class 1 to 6. The course has been designed and written according to the latest primary mathematics syllabus. The concrete to abstract approach has been adopted to introduce new concepts and reinforce them through all the levels. The knowledge base is built incrementally as pupils’ progress up the levels, so as to consolidate the linkages between mathematical concepts.

The workshop will be conducted by Shazia Asad who has invaluable experience of teaching mathematics since 1997, both at mid school level and senior school level. She continuously updates herself by attending workshops and seminars, particularly workshops conducted by the General Certificate Secondary Examination (GCSE) Board. She herself also conducts workshops in mathematics.


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