Now Karachi transporters getting ‘Parchis’ Chits from extortionists

Karachi: Karachi Transport Committee has demanded government protection for the operators of public transport, as the extortionists have also started sending them Parchis Chits for payment of extortion money.

In a statement on Sunday, Ashraf Banglori, Chaudhry Mazhar Hussain and others of Action Committee said heavy amounts are being demanded from the transporters in different areas of city. “Last week, transporter Aurangzeb, living in Mianwali colony, received the Parchi and a hand grenade was thrown near his home for threatening him,” they told.

In Naya Nazimabad area, the watchman of F11 minibus stand was murdered to press the transporters pay the extortion money, they said.

According to Action Committee leaders, terrorists rein the Manghopir, Pakhtoonabad, Kunwari colony, Mianwali colony and other areas, as there was no check post of police or rangers from Banaras to Manghopir. The robbers also use to board the buses and minibuses in these areas and loot the conductors and passengers.