Norwegian-Pakistani Biker’s World Tour Promotes Tourism in Pakistan

Ziyauddin Shinwari, a 59-year-old Pakistani-Norwegian biker, started his world tour on his motorbike on Friday from Oslo, Norway, in an effort to boost tourism in Pakistan. Shinwari said that he is actually from Pirokhel, a tiny town in Landikotal, and has been residing in Oslo for the past twenty years.

Despite having traveled to numerous places by airline and bus, Shinwari stated that he has always wanted to travel the world by road, and he hopes to accomplish it on his motorbike called Leo. He believes that the trip would inspire others to participate in this economical form of tourism.

Shinwari aims to visit every historical and tourist site in Pakistan. He is a content creator, storyteller, and passionate tourist, aiming to document his experiences on his vlogs to reflect a tourist-friendly picture of Pakistan. Shinwari underwent six months of instruction in bike riding, photography, and videography in Oslo before leaving on his trip to ensure a professional presentation of his tour.

He claims that he has traveled to numerous European and East Asian nations in the past, but this long road trip will be unlike anything he has ever experienced.

He plans to visit Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan.

Source: Pro Pakistani