Nine killed, 28 injured in blast at Jalozai

General Peshawar

Peshawar: At least nine people including three women and children were killed and 28 other injured in a blast that occurred at the food distribution point at Jalozai Camp on Thursday.

The injured were shifted to Mian Rashid Hussain Hospital Pabbi and Lady Reading hospital Peshawar. The explosive was planted in Suzuki car, which went off with a big bang killing three females inside a tent while six of the injured, expired in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar.

There were blood and human body parts scattered everywhere outside the food distribution point. People from Bajaur and Khyber agency were gathered in front of the UNHCR food distribution point. Some vendors, selling food stuff were also among the victims of the blast.

According to Bomb Disposal Unit around 35 kilograms of explosives were used in the blast. Eyewitnesses said
that engine and tiers of the car were found some 200 meters away from the blast sight.

Some workers of NGO were also injured in the blast that occurred near the administration office where refugees had lined up to get ration and new arrivals were being registered.