New demarcation of constituencies in Karachi should be done, Maulana Fazal

Peshawar: Amir JUI Maulana Fazal Rahman has supported the confirmation of voters’ lists and demarcation of constituency in Karachi saying that all parties in Karachi are unanimously for new demarcation of constituencies and door to door confirmation of voter lists in Karachi.

” only a single party is opposing demarcation of constituencies in Karachi but the process should not be stopped for the cause of a single party. thousands of people have been deprived of votes in Karachi due to change of permanent address . they are living in Karachi for decades and they have the right to cast their vote in Karachi,” Maulana Fazal said while addressing media here in Peshawar on Monday.

Maulana said it was a good decision of Supreme Court to confirm voter lists by going door to door saying that the process should be completed in the given time. He said that chief election commissioner was optimistic to complete the process of demarcation and confirmation voter lists with the help of army is positive thing.

” we don’t want that a new Pandora box should be opened for demarcation of constituencies in the whole country. it should be confined to Karachi as Supreme Court has already ordered for this in Karachi.”

About situation in Baluchistan, JUI chief said supreme court had held federal agencies responsible in its decision regarding law and order situation in Baluchistan but it was beyond understanding as to why the punishment was being given to the provincial government. . ” it is the people to elect and throw the government therefore courts should be very much careful in its decisions,” he observed.

talking about the Kala Bagh dam, Maulana said the decision was not implementable and it seems the decision had given a chance to a single party to once again use the Kalabagh dam issue as election slogan.

Answering a question, JUI chief said election will be held on its due time and there was no chance to delay the election. ” present law and order situation in the country raises a question wither the situation is being intentionally spoiled to delay the election or actually the things are happening,” he said to comment on the feasibility of election during current situation.

regarding MMA’s restoration, he said heads of the five parties of MMA will meet in the first week of January to discuss the election strategy. He said the decision about inviting Jamat-e-Islami for the meeting will be taken on MMA’s platform.

to a question regarding alliance with PTI, Maulana said there was no chance in future to form alliance with PTI.