Need to boost business trade ties between Pakistan & UK: British HC

District General

SIALKOT: Adam Thomson, British High Commissioner in Pakistan has pledged to encourage the private sector of Pakistan, besides, making some concrete efforts to boost up bilateral trade between Pakistan and United Kingdom through removing all the trade-related hurdles from the way of bringing maximum British investment in Pakistan.

He stressed upon the need of making some effective joint measures to boost and strengthen the mutual trade ties between Pakistan and United Kingdom UK.

Addressing a meeting of local business community held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry SCCI here Wednesday, the British High Commissioner discussed in details the matters of mutual interest with the business community of Sialkot. He said that the time was ripe for further strengthening trade ties between Great Britain and Pakistan, as there were bright opportunities of setting up the joint industrial ventures in different trade fields between the two countries.

The UK High Commissioner hoped that the British imports from Pakistan will strike the figure of 2.5 billion pounds till 2015. He said that the UK was the second largest foreign investor in Pakistan and it would prefer to become the largest investor in Pakistan, in this. He also discussed in details the available investment opportunities and exploration of new avenues for investment.

British High Commissioner said that the UK was making all out sincere efforts to ensure the easy and direct access of Pakistani, especially of the Sialkot business community, to British international markets, as the UK has invited the Pakistani business community to participate in the international trade exhibitions scheduled soon in UK. He said that these exhibitions would be helpful in promoting the good mutual trade understanding and relations between the business communities of both countries.

Adam Thomson said that the British government is committed to a long-term, productive and friendly partnership with Pakistan and it views Pakistan as a long-term strategic partner. The UK would continue to support all its endeavours aimed at expansion of trade relations between the two countries.

“The UK government was foreseeing better economic and investment outlook in Pakistan and encouraging its companies to make more investment in Pakistan”, he added.

British High Commissioner added that a good number of UK companies are keen to invest in Pakistan in different trade sectors. The British government has been motivating their business people to make investments in Pakistan, he revealed. He said that the UK was much interested to engage the Pakistan’s private sector, besides, making sincere efforts to promote the soft and positive image of Pakistan globally with a sole aim to pave the way of maximum foreign investment in Pakistan.

He said that in Pakistan, the Sialkot was the much suitable place from where UK could start changing the world image about Pakistan, saying that the UK believed that Pakistan was an ideal country for foreign investment. He said that the Sialkot deserves for better trade terms to get British investment in different trade fields and providing maximum opportunities to Sialkot exporters to have their investment in United Kingdom.

He assured to make efforts to ensure the easy access of Sialkot business community to UK markets and other European markets, enabling the Sialkot exporters to explore and capture the new UK markets.

The British Envoy said that several British companies have also shown keen interest to start several joint ventures with Sialkot business community in different trade fields. He said that the Sialkot exporters have a great potential to capture the international UK trade markets by exporting their diversified world class traditional and non-traditional export items.

Earlier, Adam Thomson visited the Sialkot International Airport and hailed the unique export culture and the spirit of self help by the Sialkot exporters. To a question regarding the comeback of British Airways in Pakistan, he said that he would like to see British Airways to start its direct international passenger and cargo flights from Sialkot International Airport to the different foreign destinations.