Nawab Raisani reaches Quetta

General Quetta

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani reached Quetta Sunday after long time. He had proceeded to foreign visit on January 5 this year. On January 13 Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf imposed Governor Rule in the province and suspended provincial government following January 10 massacre at Alamdar road. Nawab Raisani returned to Quetta today after restoration of provincial government on March 14.

Speaking to Media he said consultation was in process with all allied parties for establishing caretaker setup in the province. He said he would send advice to Balochistan Governor on March 19 to dissolve provincial assembly. He was of the view his government was dismissed on the pretext of law and order situation.

Referring to Gwadar Port he said port’s handling was handed over to china against the desire of provincial government. Chairman of Gwadar Port Authority should be Balochistan Chief Minister. After 18 th amendment Province should have control of Gwadar Port. Reko Diq project was being sold by removing his government.

Meanwhile all political parties got united against BNPA and JUI for establishing caretaker setup in the province. PMLN, PML, PPP and Independent members went into Opposition while ANP was also considering to joint Opposition. Now Nawab Aslam Raisani has left alone as he has lost majority in the House.

Efforts were being made to install Maulana Abdul Wasay as Opposition leader while Balochistan High Court has already declared Tariq Magsi as Opposition leader. He said strong opposition leader with 60 members.

Sources said that Opposition has decided to move No Trust against Speaker Syed Matiullah Agha because Opposition has reservations over his moves. If assembly session is called then No confidence motion would be tabled against Chief Minister along with Speaker. A new chief minister would be elected unopposed and Tariq Magsi would be elected as Opposition leader.

Then they would announce caretaker Chief Minister. If Nawab Raisani did not resign then he would establish caretaker setup along with Tariq Magsi. If they don’t, then parliamentary committee would be constituted. If it also failed to decide then matter would go to Election Commission. In view of serious situation in Balochistan holding elections to national and provincial assemblies one day would be delayed with the result party winning majority in national Assembly would have psychological supremacy and it would also seek victory in province.