General Karachi

Karachi: National Database and Registration Authority NADRA and Transparency International Pakistan TIP signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ MOU for the implementation of integrity pact at NADRA Headquarters today. The memorandum was signed by Chairman NADRA, Muhammad Tariq Malik, Sohail Muzaffar, Chairman TI and Advisor Syed Adil Gilani.

While speaking on the occasion, Tariq Malik termed this event an historic one for NADRA, and added that this pact would prove to be instrumental in supporting NADRA’s policy of zero tolerance against corruption at all levels. He said “We don’t only make Identity documents but we exert ourselves in building trust and confidence of our people at both national and international levels. The best strategy to combat corruption is to set up systems, processes and framework in which it is impossible to be corrupt”.

NADRA employs proactive means of protecting citizen data and confidentiality, integrity and availability of data lie at the heart of the systems, policies and procedures that govern the transmission of data.

He further added that over the years NADRA has taken a number of tangible measures in order to minimize corruption such as the ‘Whistleblower’ system which provides a platform to NADRA employees and the public in general to report any misconduct, abuse, fraud and inefficiency that they may encounter while having the option to remain anonymous.

Furthermore in order to increase transparency related to ID card processes, a system generated SMS Tracking Service was introduced through which citizens are constantly updated regarding the status of their application, ranging from the submission of documents to the actual printing of the card. Other than that, NADRA has also involved National Accountability Bureau NAB and Federal Investigation Agency FIA along with its own Vigilance Department to keep a stringent check on all possible malpractices and in order bring to book any delinquent elements. Now with TI’s involvement further transparency can be ensured in procurement and tender procedures in accordance with PPRA rules and International standards.

Also addressing on the occasion TI Adviser Adil Gillani said that TIP is dedicated to curbing corruption at both national and international levels particularly in business dealings. He praised NADRA for its transparency and said that TI considers NADRA to be a clean and corruption free organization. Chairman TIP, Sohail Muzaffar thanked Tariq Malik for showing trust in TIP and assured their allout assistance in the future. Tariq Malik vowed to sustain maximum transparency in all processes of the organization with the help of TIP’s expertise in the future.

Amongst signatories many other senior officers of NADRA also attended this ceremony.