NADRA issues over 200,000 SNIC, public response overwhelming

Karachi: Receiving an overwhelming response from citizens, National Database and Registration Authority NADRA has issued more than 200,000 Smart National Identity Card SNIC in just four weeks; this was stated in a statement issued from NADRA Headquarters.

NADRA spokesperson added that SNIC has allowed the government to reach out to the citizens of Pakistan with this state of the art technology and modern biometric facilities which was previously not possible. One of the major benefits of this technology, which is fast becoming the authentication standard around the globe, is its ability to store data within a microchip and the robustness to include both public and private sector services. For now, the SNIC also comes with the provision of accidental death insurance.

She said NADRA authorities have been pleasantly surprised by response that they have received regarding this new technology. Reaching the 200,000 mark has made it clear that the public has adapted well to the change and welcomed this bright transformation in the database management and personal identification methodology.

The card has over 36 physical security features and has latest encryption codes which make it the safest card in the world. Apart from providing various benefits to the card holder, SNIC also allows transparency of different functions by the government ensuring strict security and preventing frauds related to identity thefts, which makes it an ideal tool for good governance.

In future, NADRA intends to provide additional features within the existing and new SNICs which will further ease various identification procedures and provide numerous other benefits and services to the card holder. SNIC is envisioned to eventually become a single high powered documentation that will contain all the data required by the user. The innovation of SNIC is in line with and a proof of the wide array of technological leaps made by NADRA within the past few years which have made the organization one of the leading database management authorities in the world.