My ancestors were Pirs but I am a Comrade: Pir Mazhar

Karachi: Senior Minister of Sindh for Education & Literacy Pir Mazhar ul Haq in a rejoinder to PMLF leader Jam Madad Ali has said that his forefathers were Pirs but he himself is a Comrade.

Pakistan Muslim League Functional leader Jam Madad Ali in a statement had questioned how Pir Mazhar ul Haq calls him a Pir.

Praising the role of Surhio Badshah in the history, Pir Mazhar however said PMLF should be aware of those elements who were awarded by British Government. He also paid rich tributes to Pir Sahib Pagaro because ‘he not only forgave the killer of seven Hurs but he also gave him shelter’.

He said, “Those, who criticize government for nothing are like the people who are enemy to themselves.”

Meanwhile, at his residence he welcomed district Dadu PMLN leader Allah Rakhio Panhwar who announced joining PPP with his community. Senior Minister said that the opponents of Pakistan Peoples’ Party would get unforgettable defeat.

“Dadu was stronghold of Pakistan Peoples’ Party and PPP had done record development work during its tenure,” he said adding that Pakistan Peoples’ Party had always protected the rights of the People of Sindh and the supporters of Kala Bagh Dam would be defeated in next elections.

PPP Dadu Leader Abdullah Panhwar, Imtiaz Ali Panhwar, Kamaluddin Panhwar and Shaban Phulpoto were also present.