Mumtaz Bhutto questions silence of President Zardari on Kala Bagh Dam issue

District General

Mirpur Bhutto: PML-N leader Mumtaz Ali Bhutto has questioned the silence of President Asif Ali Zardari on Kala Bagh Dam issue saying ‘if the PPP claims being opposed to KBD, he should come out with clear statement of rejecting it’.

“Why he chose to become a silent spectator on KBD issue like he did on drone attacks and avoided chanting slogan of ‘Kala Bagh Dam Na Khappay’ (Don’t want Kala Bagh Dam),” he said in a statement on Wednesday issued from his hometown.

Bhutto also questioned why the PPP didn’t move any resolution against KBD in Punjab assembly. “In fact the PPP leadership is trying to save its sinking ship by exploiting the KBD issue.