Ministry of Religious Affairs to compensate hujjaj against casualties, accidents

Islamabad: Ministry of Religious Affairs will provide compensation to the Hujjaj against losses such as death, road accident and emergency evacuation due to illness.

The compensation will be provided as per Hajj policy-2012 under the Hujjaj Mohafiz scheme.

Rs. 300,000 will be given to each family of a deceased, who died due to natural cause, road accident, suffocation or stampede,

Rs. 50,000 will be given for the accidental disablement resulting in loss of one limb while Rs. 100,000 for permanent disablement of more than one limb.

Those Hujjaj who were repatriated or evacuated in emergency due to illness will get Rs. 275,000 as compensation.

The claims may be submitted in the Hajj section of Mora along with necessary documents related to the aforesaid casualties and accidents, said an announcement of the ministry here Tuesday.