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Mauritanian envoy discusses ways to enhance ties with Al-Azhar

Cairo Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb discussed here on Sunday with Mauritanian Ambassador to Egypt Weddadi Ould Sidi Haiba, ways to enhance relations between Egypt's renowned Islamic institution and Mauritania in various cultural, religious and scientific fields.

"Mauritania has preserved the Islamic and Arab heritage, making it one of the leading scientific beacons in the Islamic world," Sheikh el-Tayeb said during the meeting, adding that Al-Azhar is witnessing a heritage revival movement through the rejuvenation of its scientific lobbies. He also stressed the importance of intellectual and cultural convergence between Al-Azhar and the traditional Islamic school (mahdharain Mauritanian).

Ambassador Haiba expressed his country's appreciation of Al-Azhar and its grand imam. He underscored that Mauritania has been associated with Al-Azhar since ancient times, pointing out that Mauritanian scholars have received education at this Islamic institution, a matter that has instilled Al-Azhar's syllabus in Mauritania and became the basis of education and culture in the Mauritanian society.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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