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Masses in elections will again prove love with PPP: Rabbani

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party had faced different tenures of military dictators that despite inflicting worst, they failed to keep the party away from the masses and they were they masses that also remained loyal to the party as they always believed that the PPP is the party of the deprived and oppressed.

The masses in elections would again prove their love and admiration to the PPP and would lead the party sweep the elections across the country so that the PPP should once again form its government for the people. Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said this while talking to delegations at the PPP Media Cell, Sindh Thursday. The PPP Sindh General Secretary Taj Haider, Information Secretary Sindh Waqar Mehdi, Information Secretary Karachi Lateef Mughal, Habib Ud Din Junaidi and Senator Saeed Ghani were present.

Rabbani said that the opponents with their tricks and propaganda would see the masses would defeat them in elections and no propaganda could affect the vote bank of the PPP. The people knew that the PPP had never bowed its head to the dictators and stood beside the people through thick and thin. The relations of the masses with the PPP were time-tested and unbreakable.

He said that the PPP had in its previous tenure eliminated all black laws that were against the working class of the people and the labourers and had reinstated those that were removed from their services during the tenures of military dictatorships. It was the PPP that ensured representation of the labourers in board of directors of factories and companies. The PPP ensured the labourers were entitled of 12 percent share in all public institutions. The PPP had confirmed services of 105000 contractual lady health workers.

Senator Rabbani reiterated that the PPP was determined to raise the living standard of the poor and after winning the coming elections would form its government in the centre and all four provinces and would fix the monthly wages of a labourer as Rs 18000 as minimum.

Rabbani said that the PPP always believed in unity of federation and autonomy of the provinces and would make the provinces autonomous after coming into powers again after elections, which would help resolve the problems of the oppressed people. He appealed to the people to fear none and ensure casting their votes in favour of the PPP candidates on May 11 so that their own government should be formed in the country.


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