Markhor Hunting Permit Sold For a Record $186,000

Gilgit-Baltistan’s (GB) wildlife department has issued permits for the hunting of markhors in the region as part of the Trophy Hunting season.

According to details, the GB administration held an auction in this regard, where the permit to hunt the Astor markhor fetched a record $186,000.

An official of the wildlife department told a media outlet that they had four permits for markhor hunting. The highest bid was received for the Astor markhor.

During the auction, the local administration auctioned a total of 104 permits for endangered animals, including four Astor markhors, 12 blue sheep, and 88 ibexes.

The second and third highest bids for hunting the markhors were $181,000, and $177,000, respectively. The trophy hunting season will start from November 1 and continue until April 25.

It should be noted that only 20% of the amount earned through the hunting permits is deposited in the national exchequer while the rest is spent on the health and development sector of the local community.

Last year, the markhor hunting license was sold for $165,000. Although, not many people support trophy hunting but according to conservationists, it helps in preventing poaching and empowers local communities.

Source: Pro Pakistani