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Many MLCs found incorrect by SMBs

RATODERO: Special Medical Boards (SMB) constituted in all the teaching hospitals of Sindh province where suspected Medico-Legal Certificates (MLCs) are examined along with the injured and they express their expert opinion whether the MLC is correct or incorrect.

They also determine whether the MLC is manipulated by the concerned Medico-Legal Officer (MLO). These MLCs are challenged by one of the affected party. The SMB is only constituted on the direction of the Director General, Health Services Sindh (DGHSS) or the Health Secretary or on the orders of the Court when anyone is approached by the affected party. The affected party requesting for SMB is directed to pay an amount of Rs1000 as fee before issuing the letter and again he has to pay another Rs1000 before the date for SMB is fixed by the respective Hospital.

So many MLCs have been found incorrect by the respective SMBs and such certificates have been issued by them without any action against the respective MLO by the Health Department or the DGHSS so far against the guilty doctor who was found involved in manipulating the MLC after getting illegal gratification from one party which caused mental torture and harassment to the other opponent party though the copies are regularly sent to the DGHSS and Health Secretary. Concerned police should also be directed to lodge cases against all those manipulating MLOs under section 182 PPC for issuing fictitious MLC.

The SMBs are always consisted of specialist cadre senior doctors including Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics Surgery, Forensic Medicine expert, Radiology, Dental Surgeons, Eye specialists, ENT, Neuro-Surgery departments and others. Principal of the respective medical college is always the Chairman of the SMB and the concerned Medical Superintendent act as its Secretary which also issues the report. Copies of this report are always sent to the Health Secretary & DGHSS for further necessary action but no action has been taken by them against any doctor due to which these doctors continue to issue manipulated MLCs.

Other aspect of this story is that Health Department has so far failed to post properly trained MLOs in the province which shows the efficiency of this essential department basic job of which is to look-after the health of the citizens. It is astonishing that no woman MLO is posted in the largest teaching Hospital of upper Sindh i-e CMCH and all the lady doctors are rotated to perform 15-days MLC work which is indeed unjust and amounts to harassment for which Health Department should be taken to task for their failure to post proper WMLOs despite unemployment. It is also a matter of record that there is no lady doctor posted in whole district of Kandhkot @ Kashmore which really is astonishing in this age of computer science.

The affected people have requested the government that Health Department Secretary and the DGHSS must be strictly directed to initiate disciplinary proceedings against all those MLOs whose MLCs have been found incorrect, cases should be registered against them and simultaneously and they should be banned for lifetime for conducting Medico-Legal work so that poor should not suffer for no fault of theirs.


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