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KWSB starts repair of breached canal

Karachi: On the directives of Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid KW&SB team lead by Deputy Managing Director Technical Services Iftikhar Ahmed and Chief Engineer Bulk reached two breaching points at Hub Canal a sand canal and started the repair work last night with heavy machinery. Water supply from Hub Canal has been disconnected to Karachi for next 36 hours whereas; repair work is expected to complete the work within next 36 hours, whereas directives have been issued to complete the work at the earliest.

Due to heavy rain in Sindh water breached Hub Canal at two points last night however KW&SB teams reached the spot on time and started repair.

Water supply to Karachi has been redirected through alternate resources resuming 95% supply to affected areas including Orangi Town, Baldia and adjoining areas from Dhabeji Pumping Station through KIII. Dhabeji Pumping Station also suffered for a short while due to electricity breakdown however supply is now normal after electric supply resumption at 12:00pm on Sunday.

With full cooperation from KESC water supply to most parts of the city has been resumed and sewerage system has been functional. During temporary breakdowns KW&SB ensured sewage through Diesel Generators ensuring sewage during rain. KW&SB is fully cooperating with KMC with regards to sewage of rain water. KMC is responsible for sewage of rain water through 280 rain drains however M.D KW&SB has directed all officers to fully cooperate with KMC.

Furthermore, due to heavy rain, water pressure on Thaddu Nala was increased since rain water coming from River Indus and Dhabeji through the canal is often released in Thaddu Nala however due to heavy rainfall overflowing water in Thaddu Nala entered residential areas Saadi Town and adjoining areas on Super Highway. Thaddu Nala is not a part of KW&SB infrastructure and is not a pipeline; all KW&SB pipelines are intact.

Administration has initiated relief work to stop more over flow from Thaddu Nala.

Later on, M.D KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid visited Dumlottee, Sukhan Canal, Bazar Canal, Thaddu Canal, Malir River and Liyari River for inspection.

Water level in Malir and Liyari River has reached up to 40 feet which according to the area residents is the highest in 50 years. Due to this deluging wave of water entered Saadi Town through Sukhan Canal, Bazar Canal and Thaddu Canal. All KW&SB installations including 48inch diameter line at Liyari River are intact despite dangerous situation due to sand excavation.

M.D KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid ordering field staff on vacations to report for duty, directed DMD TS, Chief Engineers, and Superintendent Engineers to be vigilant on the field. M.D KW&SB also visited Hub Canal repair work at Hub Dam with DMD TS and Chief Engineer. During his inspection he directed that the repair work must be completed at the earliest.


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