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KWSB ends free water tanker service

Karachi: Free tanker service has been suspended by Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB

VIPs and institutions enjoying the free service till now would not receive this facility anymore.

KWSB Managing Director Misbahuddin Farid directed engineers and staff deployed at hydrants not to provide any free tankers to anyone. The decision was taken due to the poor financial condition of KW&SB.

He said that in order to improve the water supply and sewage disposal services it is vital that revenue recovery is increases. KW&SB initiated a recovery campaign and so far the results are positive. He said that we have informed all the VIPs and Institutions receiving free tankers and now they will purchase the tankers at government rates.

He said that KW&SB is a civic service institution providing water to the citizens from sources 200 kilometers away through three pumping phases. We are also disposing 550 million gallons of sewage daily. Consumer cooperation from both bulk and residential consumers is very necessary in order to keep the systems running smoothly.

He said that we are facing many problems; we have to pay the heavy electricity bills for running more than 200 water pumping stations and worlds’ largest pumping complex at Dhabeji. We also bear the filtration and chlorination expenses and pay salaries to 14000 employees of the organization in order to ensure that the systems run smoothly without any disruption.

He said that in this situation, KW&SB cannot continue to provide free tanker service and we appeal from all VIPs, Institutions, bulk and residential consumers to cooperate with Karachi Water & Sewerage Board so that we can use the income from tanker service for the betterment of the citizens.


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