KWSB cancels groundbreaking of Greater Karachi Water Supply and sewerage treatment projects

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Karachi: Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KW&SB has cancelled ground breaking ceremony of Greater Karachi Water Supply Project KIV and Greater Karachi Sewerage Treatment Plan SIII due to President Asif Ali Zardari’s other engagements.

The ceremony would be rescheduled soon, said KW&SB spokesperson in a release on Wednesday.

The KIV and SIII projects have been approved by Pakistan Economic Council, Federal and Provincial Government whereas development on the projects is progressing through fund allocated by Federal and Provincial Governments. During the project study and allocation of location work completed earlier it was decided that lines and conduits for KIV project would be laid away from KII, KIII and GK lines to make them more safe and secure from natural disasters. Consultancy and Tendering of the project is also under progress.

Central Development Working Party has already approved the project and Federal Planning Division has also expressed their satisfaction on the project plan.

The KIV project to be completed in three years would supply 260 Million Gallons per day additional water supply to Karachi. It would not only improve the water supply conditions but would also help industries and economic need of the city.

The sewerage plan SIII would result in better quality of life for the citizens of Karachi by improving the environment, marine environment. 500 million gallons of sewage would be treated daily under this project. New treatment plants would be installed at Korangi, Shahfaisal, Suhrab Goth and Mai Kolachi whereas; capacity of three existing treatment plans would be increased to double the current capacity.