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Judiciary playing its constitutional role: Justice Mushir Alam

Karachi: Chief Justice of Sindh High Court SHC Justice Mushir Alam said on Saturday judiciary has never tried to assume the role of executive or legislature, but always played it role within the constitutional circumference.

This he said while addressing the oath taking ceremony of newly elected body of Karachi Bar Association KBA here on Saturday. He said that judiciary is equipped with the judicial review power to annul any act including an act of elected representatives.

He held the stance that judiciary plays parental role for any country.

He said that government’s constitutional responsibility is to provide judiciary with adequate resources. However, he went on to say that amid limited resources judiciary was delivering justice to the citizens.

He opined that bar associations struggled hard for the independence of judiciary and rule of law in the society, adding that their dream materialized and Independent Judiciary was restored.

He said that judiciary and lawyers have to act like epitome of rule of law and they have to play role for dispensation of justice.

He maintained that judicial policy has been announced only for the welfare of the country and its citizens, adding it also helped in immediate and substantive dispensation of justice.

He said that elected representatives are voice of public, in addition they are also custodian of trust, adding that if their act cause any breach of trust then judiciary has to play role its role.

Federal law minister Farooq H Naik, on the occasion, said that democracy in Pakistan has finally established, adding now it is our duty to join hands so that democracy should further take deep roots in Pakistan.

He said that according to the constitution of Pakistan the State shall exercise its powers and authority through chosen representatives of the people, and government shall be run the chosen representatives of the people. However, he held the stance that thwarting any policy of the chosen representatives would amount to usurpation of powers.

He said that it also laid down in the constitution independence of judiciary shall be fully secured. He opined that notwithstanding the nobility of objective, it is not for the judges to run the government.

He said that despite widening sphere of influence judiciary must not overwhelm itself, and must not embroil itself in micromanaging the affairs of the executive or the legislature.

He said that prisoner who is convicted by the trail court is shifted to death cell by prison authorities while his appeal is still pending, adding at present to his information there are more than 4000 murder trials and 40 appeals pending in Sindh.

He said that he is fully aware of problems being faced lawyers, adding he will do his best to resolve these problems.

He announced Rs20mn grant for Karachi Bar Association. He said that Pakistan has become victim of terrorism, adding we have not only lost thousands of innocent civilians and brave personnel of police and armed forces but also great leaders.


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