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Jammat-o- Dawa protests against MFN status to India

Peshawar: The activists of Jaamat-o-Dawa (JD) Khyber district Peshawar on Friday organized Motorbike rally against declaring India as Most Favourite Nation (MFN) for trading.

The participants of the rally marched from Saddar to Peshawar Press Club wherein they gathered and shouted slogans against the Pakistani rulers, they were holding banners inscribed with slogans against the MFN.

They were led by Attiq-ur-Rahman Chuhan, a provincial spokesman of JD, Abu Muhammad, press secretary, Yousaf Shah and Haji Iqbal.

Addressing to the participants of the rally they asked the rulers that how India is favourite for trading because the neighbor country have since independence sown the seeds of enmity and forcefully occupied Kashmir valley. India, they added had constructed more than 62 dams on Pakistan’s rivers and were trying to make the land of our country barren.

“Through Indian intelligence agency, RAW a conspiracy has been hatched to separate Balochistan from part of Pakistan”.

How those can become dears to Pakistan who had martyred Babri Masjid” he said. He held India responsible for terrorists’ attacks across Pakistan.


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