IPA encourages coordination between social circles and police: DIG

General Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Chairman International Police Association Islamabad and Deputy Inspector General of Police (Headquarters) Sultan Azam Temuri on Thursday briefed the policewomen about International Police Association (IPA) here at Women Police Networking Forum arranged by GIZ and National Police Bureau, saying that IPA also encourages the coordination between social circles and police.

The policewomen throughout the country participated in this forum and they were invited to become members of IPA and play their active role for this association. DIG (Headquarters) said this forum encourages policewomen to exchange their professional expertise and improve their skills through interaction with police members present around the world.

Sultan Azam Temuri said that female cops can play an active role in promoting cultural ties among members of IPA and ensure supremacy of law. Chairperson IPA, Islamabad Capital Territory DIG Heleena Saeed Iqbal and General Secretary IPA, Islamabad SSP Mir Vaiz Niaz were also present on the occasion. Mir Vaiz Niaz highlighted the various aspects related to bring an improvement in policing affairs through interaction among members of IPA.