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International Media Training Program kicks off in Turkey

Antalya, Turkey (OIC-UNA) - Turkish Radio and Television Corporation's (TRT) 5th International Media Training Program (UMEP) kicked off in Antalya,Turkey, on Monday.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as well as its specialized media organ Union of News Agencies (UNA) are participating in the annual event, which will conclude on December 12. There are 162 journalists from 70 countries who are taking part in the program.

Addressing the first day session, Ali Osman Ozturk, principal advisor at the office of the Turkish prime minister, welcomed the participants to Turkey.

Ozturk urged journalists to focus on reaching out to more people and deliver the true information to the public. He called on them to step up their efforts in fighting false or fake news that are usually being circulated in the social media.

He also highlighted the humanitarian efforts being made by Turkey, especially in sheltering the Syrian people. Syrian people are our friends, and as such we do not consider them as refugees. They are friends who are not in a position to go back to their countries, and in the future if they cannot return to Syria, they will always be welcomed as our guests, Ozturk said.

He pointed out that Turkey has around 3,200,000 Syrians, only 200,000 of whom live in camps.

Ozturk underlined that Turkey has one of the highest national income to humanitarian funding ratio, with 0.19 percent of its national income going towards undertaking humanitarian initiatives.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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