Insurance policy for lawyers under consideration: Farooq H. Naek

Islamabad: Federal Law Minister, Farooq H Naek has said that law Ministry is considering the proposal for the insurance of the lawyers especially in view of the target killing of the advocates and the threats being giving to them because of their appearance in antiterrorism and narcotics courts. Thus, he will hold a meeting with head of the State Life Insurance to discuss the prospects of this proposal.

Federal Law Minister Farooq H Naek stated this in meetings with Balochistan Bar Association and Dera Ismail Khan and Tank Bar Association. Deputy speaker Faisal Kareem Kundi, was also present in the meeting. Moreover, he also emphasized that election will be held on time and the incumbent government is taking all possible measures to make them free and fair.

Therefore, it has appointed an independent election commission which will supervise elections and see that they are held in transparent manner. Whoever wins the majority will form the next government.

He also said that he was fully aware of the critical situation and difficulties of the legal community of these areas. And federal government was taking all the necessary steps to help and protect the Lawyers. Speaking to the Balochistan Bar Association, he said that peace in Balochistan is the top priority of the present government. Therefore, it has taken various steps, including Balochistan package, to set aside the grievances of the people of Balochistan. He also ordered the release of 6 million as grant-in-aid for the Balochistan Bar Association. Likewise, he also presented cheques of 1 million each to the DI Khan and Tank Bar Association.