InfiniteGraph 3.0 Brings Unrivaled Performance and Scalability to the Only Distributed Graph Database™ for Big Data Analytics


New Features Deliver a Ten-Fold Increase in Querying Performance in Distributed Environments

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwire – Oct 1, 2012) – Objectivity, Inc., the Big Data Connection Platform, announced today the release of InfiniteGraph 3.0. InfiniteGraph 3.0 raises the bar for the graph database market by bringing unrivaled performance and scalability to distributed environments with a completely new approach to querying and data navigation. InfiniteGraph 3.0 delivers a ten-fold increase in performance over previous versions enabling just-in-time Big Data analytics for some of the world’s largest companies and organizations as they gather, analyze, and visualize the connections between complex data in order to make critical business decisions.

“We are seeing increased interest in the potential for analytic applications designed to exploit the richness of the graph model to analyze relationships between stored entities,” said Matt Aslett, research manager, data management and analytics, 451 Research. “Given its mature technology and existing customer relationships Objectivity is well-placed to take advantage of this interest with its InfiniteGraph distributed graph database.”

Companies leveraging Big Data need to focus the right tools for the right job. As the only NoSQL distributed graph database, InfiniteGraph is a complementary technology to any polyglot Big Data strategy. The power of InfiniteGraph 3.0 is its performance and scalability within distributed environments. In recent testing InfiniteGraph 3.0 scaled to more than a billion nodes and edges in less than 30 minutes. Companies including, Deloitte, US Government, the world’s largest telecom carrier, Osaka Gas Information Systems (OGIS), Nippon Systemware Co. LTD (NSW), and Software Research Associates (SRA) are leveraging InfiniteGraph for real-time analysis in multiple industries including HealthCare, network security, and homeland defense. InfiniteGraph 3.0 performance enhancements include:

Enhanced Placement Manager – faster querying through flexible placement algorithms – “Local Graphs” can be physically co-located to dramatically improve traversal speeds. Index performance also increases significantly.

Distributed Parallel Navigation – IG is the fastest, infinitely scalable, RAM and disk-based graph database on the market. High performance query servers with advanced caching distribute navigation workload automatically.

Graph View – A flexible filtering mechanism allowing for even faster search results. Queries are able to “infer” a path will be unsuccessful by referring to a pre-compiled view of only the data that is relevant to the navigation.

Navigation Policies – Predefined policies for controlling behavioral aspects of a navigation.

Pricing Model Change – Experience the performance power of InfiniteGraph 3.0 with unlimited nodes and edges free for 60 days.

“The Big Data market today requires technologies that can handle the realities of a distributed environment and the need for real-time, deep analysis of the data streaming through businesses,” said Jay Jarrell, President and CEO of Objectivity. ”InfiniteGraph 3.0 is the only proven distributed graph database to scale to petabytes of data and discover new opportunity’s within the connections between data, all in real-time. We are excited to see a new group of Global 500 companies turn to InfiniteGraph to meet Big Data and distributed data management challenges in multiple industries.

About Objectivity, Inc.

Since 1988 Objectivity, Inc. has been the Enterprise NoSQL leader, helping customers harness the power of Big Data. Our leading edge technologies: InfiniteGraph, The Distributed Graph Database™ and Objectivity/DB, a distributed and scalable object management database, enable organizations to discover hidden relationships for improved Big Data analytics and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and technical cost savings, achieving greater return on data related investments.

Objectivity, Inc. is committed to our customers’ success, with representatives worldwide. Our clients include: AWD Financial, CUNA Mutual, Draeger Medical, Ericsson, McKesson, IPL, Siemens and the US Department of Defense. Visit

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