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India deliberately creating war-like situation: AJK PM

Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan visited CMH Muzaffarabad today and inquired about the health of those injured by Indian unprovoked firing in Neelum Valley and other sectors and distributed cheques among them.

Speaking on the occasion, he said government will divert its available resources for the treatment and meeting other essential needs of Indian firing, while a separate head would be constituted for this purpose.

He said Indian cowardly acts are increasing at ceasefire Line with each passing day and such jingoism poses a serious threat to peace of the region.

He said under a well thought out conspiracy, India is creating war like situation on CFL to divert the world attention from its massive human rights violations in the occupied valley.

He said India wants migration of people living alongside CFL on large scale but will never succeed because no individual is ready to migrate.

Farooq Haider said Indian troops are using light, heavy weapons and sniper guns to target civilians.

He said, Indian troops are also using cluster ammunition from across CFL which is a crime under Cluster Ammunition Convention.

He appealed international community to hold India accountable for grave violation of international laws and agreements.

Raja Farooq Haider said entire Pakistani and Kashmiri nations are united and are one voice against Indian illegal occupation and supporting liberation movement.

Source: Radio Pakistan


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