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Imran Khan demands imposition f Governor rule

QEUTTA: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan has called for the removal of Balochistan government and imposition of Governor’s rule after violent incidents in the province.

He was addressing participants of sit in staged by Yakjehti council and hunger strike camp staged by Hazara Democratic Party here Sunday.

He was accompanied by party leaders Javaid Hashmi, Fauzia Qasuri, Jahangir Tareen, Shareef Jogezai and others.

He said It is responsibility of the government to provide security to the citizens. In the presence of present government situation cannot improve in Balochistan. He said by imposing Governor rule in the province immediate effective and practical steps should be taken to provide security to the citizens.

He said government should feel ashamed and should have step down immediately after acts of terrorism. Where is the government he posed a question. They are only fond of minting money. He said we would continue our struggle so long all get justice.

He said those involved in bomb blasts are neither human beings nor Muslims. Under a planned conspiracy world powers want to destabilise Pakistan by pitching Shia and Sunnis together in the country particularly in Balochistan. We have to get untied to work against this.

He said province was heading towards destruction. There is nothing as government in the province. People were leaving the province. All records of corruption have been broken.

He said Tahirul Qadri is right to say if interim government was not made impartial then there would be big destruction in the country.

He said his party would not go in alliance with parties sitting in the federal and provincial governments.


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