iExpander for iPhone Incorporates CAP-XX Supercapacitor-Powered BriteFlash to Deliver High Quality Photos


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA–(Marketwire – Sep 25, 2012) – CAP-XX (LSE: CPX) announced that Corr-Tech has selected its supercapacitor-enabled BriteFlash architecture to power the high-performance LED flash in its new iExpander accessories for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.

At the heart of the iExpander is an ultra-thin CAP-XX HS206 supercapacitor and a powerful LED flash module. The supercapacitor overcomes the limitations of the battery to deliver more power to the LEDs, extend the length of the flash pulse, and increase the total light energy emitted by the flash. The result is crisp photographs and clear videos, even in low light.

The iExpander also includes a microSD card slot and a second battery, increasing the memory capacity and battery life of the iPhone, and is packaged in a sleek, graphite-reinforced nylon case which adds just 6.3mm to the thickness of the phone (see photo). Additionally, the iExpander for iPhone 5 includes the original 30-pin connector in addition to a Lightning port, so users can charge from and dock to previous-generation iPhone/iPod accessories.

“BriteFlash is the perfect solution for high-power LED flash in smartphones,” said Peter Buckle, vice president of sales and marketing for CAP-XX, “and the iExpander is a great example of how it improves the user experience.”

Charlie Corry, CEO of Corr-Tech, added: “To meet our iExpander design objectives, we had to jam a lot of electronics into a small area, so finding thin components like the HS206 supercapacitor was essential.”

Corr-Tech is raising capital at to help bring the iExpander to fruition. Production is to start in November 2012, with the first units shipping to customers before year-end.

BriteFlash is a Trademark of CAP-XX (Australia) Pty Ltd.
iExpander, PCB, and Before/After photos.
iExpander video.

About CAP-XX:
CAP-XX develops supercapacitors for space-constrained electronic devices. They are the smallest, thinnest and lightest available today, and offer very high power and energy densities. Supercapacitors resolve the peak-power limitations of batteries and other energy sources, and provide back-up power to protect mission-critical data and communications, in products such as handheld computers, point-of-sale systems, solid state drives, location-tracking devices, electronic locks and modems in smart meters and wireless sensor networks.

CAP-XX is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London.

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