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Hikmatyar pays homage to Qazi

Lahore: Ameer of the Hizb e Islami, Afghanistan and a former Afghan Prime Minister Engineer Gulbadin Hikmatyar, has said that the demise of Qazi Husain Ahmed was a great loss for the Muslim Ummah in the present world situation.

In a condolence message received at Mansoora on Sunday, he said that Qazi Husain Ahmed’s goal of life was the establishment of the Islamic system and the unity of Muslims.

Gulbadin Hikmatyar said that the forces of infidels had created numerous difficulties for the Muslim Ummah today and opened a joint front against the Muslims. A war against the Muslims and the Islamic countries was going on all over the world. The Muslims were being killed in the wars going on in Afghanistan, Asia, Africa and Europe. The Muslims’ blood was being shed, their houses were being razed and their resources being looted and grabbed. The West was thrusting its agents as rulers in Muslims countries. In such circumstances, the Muslim world badly needed a bold and resolute leader like Qazi Husain Ahmed.

He said that Qazi Hussain Ahmed had being dreaming of the Muslim unity and revival of the Muslims glory, and expressed the hope that Allah, the Almighty would soon make his dreams a reality.

He expressed condolences with the JI leadership and the bereaved family.


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