HEC’s Autonomy Intact, Current Setup is Transitional: Qamar Zaman Ch

General Islamabad

Islamabad: Mr. Qamar Zaman Ch. presided over the meeting of Higher Education Commission’s senior management as Executive Director on Friday which was attended by all the divisional heads of HEC.

Speaking on the occasion, he categorically denied the rumour that HEC’s autonomy is under threat. “Let me assure you that HEC will continue to work as an independent entity, the current set-up is transitional and a new Executive Director will be appointed following the prescribed procedure.”

The Executive Director said that HEC is only linked to the Ministry for parliamentary business and governmental interaction, and the latter has nothing to do with the administrative affairs of HEC.

Mr. Qamar Zaman appreciated the initiatives taken by HEC during the last 10 years. “Good performance of HEC management and employees is evident from the achievements that higher education sector has made over the last decade,” he said.

He said that we must remember that individuals fade away while institutions remain. “Every individual has to play his or her role for building and strengthening an institution but successful institutions come out of the shadow of individuals.”