Health: Fast multiplication of Thalassaemia just due to lack of awareness, ignorance: Speakers

General Islamabad

Islamabad: Speakers at a seminar on Wednesday revealed that the fast multiplication of Thalassaemia is just due to lack of awareness, ignorance and cousin marriage culture in Pakistan. They said that treatment facilities are out of reach and unaffordable to common person.

Thalassaemia Awareness & Prevention in Pakistan TAPP has organized the seminar on Thalassaemia at University of Lahore, Blue Area Islamabad Campus.

They said that every year more than seven thousand children are born with Thalassaemia Major, a dreaded disease, where as more than 10 million people are carrier of this disease. Thalassaemia has become burden on our Blood banks, where as family donors refuse to help their patients, they added. People don’t pay attention to premarital blood screening for Thalassaemia so after marriage they face enormous problems and challenges. Premarital blood screening can prevent Thalassaemia from our future generation, they suggested.

Regular Blood Transfusion and Bone Marrow Transplant are the only treatment for Thalassaemia”, said Dr. Faiza Fahim, Consultant Haematologist. “Students should make their thesis and conduct research on Thalassaemia. This area of health needs youth’s attention to eradicate this disease from beloved country Pakistan”, said Ms. Ayesha Abid, President TAPP.

“ As we all know that prevention is better than cure so as far as Thalassaemia is concerned it is very necessary to motivate our youth to get screening tests done for this disease so that we can prevent this lethal inherited blood disorder to have a healthy nation”, said Dr. Ayesha Usman Lecturer Dept. of pharmacy UOL.

In addition to offering valuable information, Thalassaemia Song “ Aass ka diya jalana hai” , poetry by Mr. Hassan Abbass Raza, grabbed audience attention. Thalassaemia Documentary “ Aagahi” was also screened.
The documentary was based on real life story of Thalassaemia Major Patient Nimra Sami, her problems and pains, prevention, genetic counselling and myths regarding Thalassaemia. Awareness material was distributed among students of UOL.
The seminar was attended by the Associate Dean Dr. R.Z Saeedul Haq, students, teachers, doctors, patients and their families.