HDP stages demonstration in front of BHC

QUETTA: Hazara Democratic Party HDP held a protest demonstration against genocide of Hazara nation in front of High Court of Balochistan here Friday.

Demonstration was led by Central Vice chairman Second Mirza Hussain Hazara and others.

Protestors shouted slogans against secret agencies and influential provincial ministers against genocide of Hazara nation in continuing sectarian terrorism. They carried banners and placards inscribed orders of superior courts to the provincial and federal governments and law enforcement agencies for taking action against sectarian terrorists and hanging them in public.

Speakers strongly condemned civil war in the name of sectarianism in Quetta city and said there exists no difference in any sector faith in any tribe or nation. Ulema and religious personalities and political people of all the faiths maslak are unanimous to promote religious tolerance and solidarity among the people but some elements of vested ideologies have unleashed bloodshed to impose their ideas by force. They were killing those belonging to Shia maslak today and tomorrow they would target Sunnis tomorrow by making maslak differences their basis. We would not accept ideology of any terrorist whoever it was nor bow heads before it.

They said Khulfai Rashideen and Azwaj e Mutaharrat is asset of Islam and no one can even think of their disgrace. But terrorists were killing innocent people on the basis of fake literature and books are not only terrorist but example of worst barbarism also.

They termed non implementation f interim order of Supreme Court in the law and order case as open violation of constitution and law and demanded Balochistan Registry of Supreme Court for complete enforcement of this order. They said provincial government has lost legal, constitutional and moral credibility to rule and now it has no power to impose its decision on the people. They must not test their patience any more.

They raised questions of acts of terrorism close to the police of FC, Police and other law enforcement agencies if FC or any other agency has no death squad then where sectarian terrorists disappear after their acts. If law enforcement agencies are sincere then why targeted operation is not conducted here on the pattern of Karachi.
Speakers termed genocide of Hazara nation is inacceptable and demanded giving up support to terrorists and elimination of terrorists involved in sectarianism and their centers.