Hasrat Mohani Library staff deprived of 6month salaries

District General

HYDERABAD: The Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad, Jamal Mustafa Syed has directed the teaching community to update their libraries and create reading habits among students which are very much essential for career development.

This he said during his visit to Maulana Hasrat Mohani Central Library in Hyderabad this evening. The Divisional Commissioner said that in addition to strengthening and equipping the existing government libraries, considerable increase in libraries has been made in the province during the last few years. He said that huge investment has been made to facilitate the young generation to read, refer and compete for their Career, especially when world has become a global village.

He said that youths have to shoulder the national responsibilities in future and libraries are playing vital role for enhancing their capacity building. He directed administration to encourage educational institutions. He said that libraries not only to engage youths in healthy activities but also develop their potential.

He said that qualitative education and qualitative work force was need of our county in this world.

Administrator of library Syed Yousifuddin while briefing the Divisional Commissioner said that this library is run by District Government Hyderabad but after abolition of District government system, the difficulties of expenditures of the libraries were being experienced as the staff members have not been paid their salaries since last 6 months.

The Divisional Commissioner assured the management that this library would be linked either to Education or Culture Department to get its financial and other professional matters resolved. He assured them that efforts would also be made to clear the outstanding dues of the employees on account of their salaries.

However, the Divisional Commissioner suggested for making a Governing Body comprising on philanthropists not only to look after but also to collect funds to run this library efficiently.