Hajj pilgrims perform Rukn-e-Azm, Waqoof-e-Arafa today

Around two million pilgrims from across the globe are converging at Mount Arafat, the Jabal ar-Rahmah on the second day of the pilgrimage to perform the major Hajj ritual.

Radio Pakistan’s correspondent in Maidane-Arafa Bilal Khan Mehsud reports that countless pilgrims are making their way from Mina to the plains of Arafat, utilizing buses and trains as their mode of transportation.

Hundred percent of the Pakistani pilgrims were allocated train tickets participating in the government scheme. This elevated hill holds great historical significance as it served as the location where Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his Farewell Sermon to the Muslims.

Standing on the expansive plains of Arafat, this significant granite hill serves as a remarkable symbol of that crucial moment in Islamic history.

Pilgrims devote the entire day at Arafat to supplicating to Allah, seeking forgiveness for their sins, and praying for personal strength in the future. Pakistan’s Minister for Religious Affairs Chaudhary Sali
k Hussain is also present at Arafat to perform Hajj.

Pilgrims will make their way to Masjid Nimrah on the grounds of Arafa, where they will listen to the Hajj sermon amid continuous chanting of “Talbiyah”.

After the sermon, Hajj pilgrims will stay till Maghreb prayer here and then they will move towards Muzdalifah. Upon sunset, they will then head to Muzdalifah to spend night in open sky and collect pebbles for the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual.

After the stay at Muzdalifah, the Hujjaj will perform the stoning of the devil on the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah.

The Pilgrims are praying from Allah Almighty for forgiveness of their sins.

The people can listen live to the Hajj sermon in with Urdu translation through this link. https://manaratalharamain.gov.sa/arafa/arafa_sermon/ur

Source: Radio Pakistan