Green-shirts needed this victory: Hasan Sardar


Karachi: Failing for years against top European sides, a victory against World No 1 Germany especially in an important quarterfinal match of tough Champions Trophy tournament underway in Melbourne (Australia) would boost the morale and confidence of the green-shirts, feels former legendary Olympian Hasan Sardar.

“Pakistan hockey desperately needed such a victory,” Hasan told PPI. “Pakistan has not won against top European sides in years especially in major tournaments such as Champions Trophy. So this victory against World No 1 team would help our players regain confidence and do better in future.”

Ranked ninth in the international circuit, Pakistan recorded a 2-1 triumph against Germany in the quarterfinals on Thursday. Pakistan will now face Netherlands in the semifinals on Saturday.

Hasan lauded senior player Shakeel Abbasi for his brilliant performance in the quarterfinal match. Experienced Shakeel Abbasi scored both the goals for Pakistan.

“The forward-liner performed well especially Shakeel Abbasi,” he said. Hasan added that Pakistan has always depended on forward-line and a strong forward-line is the key for Pakistan’s success in hockey.

“The team looked fit and they performed brilliantly. So I hope they will demonstrate the same energized and well-coordinated game in the semifinal match as well,” Hasan said.

Meanwhile, Rana Mujahid, national junior team’s head coach and manager hailed the victory and said that all the players did well in the match.

“It had been a team effort,” the former Olympian said. “I congratulate all the team and also the team-management for devising an effective game-plan.”

Mujahid further said that Pakistan could have scored more as they managed to break into German defence several times and created scoring chances but eventually failed to score more goals.

“Pakistan could have scored more goals as our team managed to create several chances but unfortunately failed avail most of them,” he said.

Mujahid also wished the team well for their semifinal match and added that the green-shirts will be able to overpower The Netherlands.