Govt pursuing zero tolerance policy towards smuggling, power pilferage

The government is pursuing zero tolerance policy towards smuggling, hoarding and power pilferage.

Measures under the Special Investment Facilitation Council, effective from September last year, have resulted in scores of arrests and recoveries of billions of rupees.

During the anti-smuggling operation, a total of 3,036 metric tons of fertilizer smuggling and its illegal movement was foiled.

Preventing the smuggling of essential items, the authorities seized 281 metric tons of wheat and flour from the smugglers.

Over the last nine months, 34,640 metric tonnes of sugar was seized, due to which the illegal profiteering of sugar was brought to an end. During the same period, authorities seized 27,923 metric tonnes of fertilizer from hoarders and ensured its availability to farmers.

2,503 metric tonnes of wheat, 56,948 metric tonnes of ghee and 10,379 metric tonnes of sugar were recovered from market price manipulators.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies registered 145,365 FIRs against people involved in p
ower theft and arrested over 70,000 power thieves and recovered ninety three billion rupees.

These initiatives by the government in collaboration with SIFC underscore the government’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting Pakistan’s economy.

Source: Radio Pakistan