Govt has failed to provide security to citizens in Baluchistan: SC

ISLAMABAD: In its interim order in Baluchistan unrest case, the Supreme Court on Wednesday observed that the federal and the provincial government had failed to provide security to the citizens in Baluchistan province.

Heading a three-member Supreme Court bench, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry noted that the government was responsible to provide security to the people, however the federal and provincial governments had failed in doing do. He said those who were responsible will not be left free and held accountable according to the law and the Constitution.

The court in its interim order said that the grievances of the families of missing persons were increasing with the every passing day. During the hearing of the case, the Chief Justice noted that the Baluchistan government was ruling at its own risk, as it had no constitutional mandate. He said Baluchistan’s chief minister should take the responsibility of killings and disappearances in the province instead of blaming the police only.

Appearing on notice, Advocate General Baluchistan Amanullah Kanrani said if the court ordered, the provincial government could resign today. The Chief Justice then said the judges did not know what the provincial government wanted to do. He said the lawyers should read the constitution and the court’s earlier order in the Baluchistan unrest case.

Meanwhile, Kanrani requested the court to order the doctors to end their strike in the province. The court rejected his request noting that why it should give such an order as it was the responsibility of the government to provide security to the doctors.

Pakistan Medical Association’s PMA president of Baluchistan chapter told the court that he had met the Baluchistan governor but how could the doctors work when their lives were in danger. Meanwhile, the court adjourned further hearing of the case for two weeks.