Govt, agencies have failed to provide safety: conference told


KARACHI: Peace Conference on “How restoration of peace is possible” was held under the auspices of Centre for Human Rights Education in collaboration with Youth Together for Human Rights Education, Pakistan Volunteer Assist Foundation, Peace and Development Organization, Action Committee for Human Rights, Clear Concept Welfare Society, Youth for Human Rights Education International on March 22, 2013 at Pakistan Medical Association Karachi.

The participants of the conference included men and women different sects and religions. Ms Mehnaz Rehman, Director of Aurat Foundation Chaired the Conference while the speakers included Processor ND Khan Former Minister, Khwaja Izharul Hassan former MPA, Dr Ijaz Inayat Masih Chairman Interfaith Friendship Forum, Dr MirajulHudda AmeerJamateIslami Sindh, Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi General Secretarysy MajilseWahdat ul Muslemin, Imtiaz Faran President Karachi Press Club and Samson Salamat Director Centre for Human Rights Education.

Samson Salamat Director Centre for Human Rights Education in his opening remarks expressed his concerns on the deteriorating law and order situation and incidents of terrorism in the country particularly in Karachi on different grounds including religious and sectarian.

Samson added that Pakistan is a multireligious, multicultural and multilinguistic society and since Karachi is also a city of diverse population and therefore all types of diversity should be recognized and respected. It is utmost important that all citizens are treated equally by the state institutions and the policy of nondiscrimination needs to be adopted and implemented in every aspect.

Samson urged that the government should take concrete measures to restore peace in Karachi and other parts of the country and demanded that a stern action should be taken against all those forces spreading hatred among the citizens and taking law into their hands. A proper check needs to be put on the sources which are being used for hate speech including loudspeakers, printed material, syllabus etc.

“We are fast approaching towards the elections, therefore the government with the support of state institutions responsible to maintain laws and order should take concrete measure for a peaceful electoral process and to ensure the maximum participation of the public in elections.

The other speakers said that the government and the security agencies has failed to provide safety and security to the citizen and is unable to maintain the peaceful environment therefore the criminal activities are increasing day by day in Karachi which is a commercial hub and is the major proportion of the country’s economy based on it therefore it’s very urgent that immediate attention should be paid to maintain peace.

The government, security apparatus and the political forces despite blaming each other should take proper and immediate steps to counter all these criminal activities carried out by the militant banned organizations and held them accountable according to the law to secure public life, property, business and maintain peaceful environment in Karachi and other parts of the country.