Frustrated politicians should get ready for accountability

General Karachi

KARACHI: All Pakistan Muslim League APML chief Pervez Musharraf would be the sole leader of the country, who would bring the corrupt political system to an end and those that had looted the national wealth would be held accountable under an autonomous accountability Bureau.

APML Central Information Secretary Aasia Ishaque said this while talking to APML workers delegation that had arrived at the city to participate in the welcoming convoy of the APML to receive their leader Musharraf. She said that whatever would be the circumstances in the country, Pervez Musharraf, would return to the country in strict accordance to the schedule he had announced, March 24.

The frustrated politicians that had ruled the country one after another under the ‘turn by turn rule on the basis of ancestral politics’ would fail in their wicked drama to intimidate the workers, followers and sympathizers of Pervez Musharraf. Any untoward act against the leader of millions would be bounced back with extreme force.

Aasia said: “The frightened political junta should stop the propaganda and they should prepare for answering their misdeed they had committed during last five years. Musharraf was the beloved leader, who had the potential to meet the aspirations of the oppressed masses and would lead the country toward the apex of prosperity.”