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Four alleged dacoits killed near Naudero, police claim encounter

Naudero: Four people were killed and a woman injured on early Friday morning in the limits of Gulu Siyal police station in Sadh Belo forest by unknown armed men when they were around at a bonfire in their Otaq (meeting place).

One of them was identified as 20-years-old Iqbal Narejo, the son of notorious bandit Nazroo Narejo. Two other men were 36-year Mehboob Narejo and 22-year Ali Ahmed Narejo, while the fourth victim could not be identified. The injured woman was said to the widow of Mehboob Narejo.

Larkana police got information of these killings and a police party led by CIA Larkana incharge Abdul Qadir Chandio rushed to the place of incident to take possession of the dead bodies, police sources said.

The sources said that these killings might be the result of ongoing dispute between Narejo and Khuhra clans which has so far claimed six lives. This dispute started when two women of Narejo clan were allegedly kidnapped and raped by men belonging to Khuhro clan a few months ago.

SSP Larkana Jawaid Jiskani in a press conference in his office claimed that the slain men were dacoits and killed in encounter with Larkana police. He said that the government has announced a reward of Rs1mn for the police party which killed the dacoits.

The SSP, however, confessed that enmity between various clans were a fact, adding however, these bandits were killed by police. The bodies were brought to Naudero rural health centre for postmortem.


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