Fortrea Launches AI Innovation Studio to Galvanize Technology and Human Solutions to Improve Clinical Trial Delivery

DURHAM, N.C., June 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fortrea (Nasdaq: FTRE), a leading global contract research organization (CRO), today announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI) Innovation Studio, signaling a strategic investment in reshaping the execution of clinical trials today and into the future.

The studio will develop and deploy AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to drive speed, agility, quality and enhanced patient safety in the clinical research process by equipping and empowering people to focus on the critical human element of clinical trials.

“Patients around the world are waiting for novel, life-changing treatments. With AI, we now have the power—and the obligation—to help deliver solutions to them faster,” said Fortrea’s Chief Information Officer Alejandro Martinez Galindo.

“Fortrea’s AI Innovation Studio will enable enhanced technological capabilities that will allow AI-enabled systems to perform cutting-edge processes—such as trial simulations, predictive analytics and pattern recognition—as well as repetitive, administrative, ‘machine-friendly tasks’. This frees up people to contribute human creativity and connection to the clinical trial of tomorrow and focus on what counts: the patient.”

Fortrea’s AI Innovation Studio aims to:

  • Partner across Fortrea and with our customers to provide technology solutions for bespoke site and sponsor innovation strategies;
  • Develop net new, greenfield technology innovations that holistically improve the delivery of clinical trials for sponsors, sites, patients and our teams; and
  • Support existing infrastructure and operations with enhanced technology to enable new, improved ways of working and create best-in-class user experiences.

Technologies under development in the studio include smartphone-enabled data collection; specialized large language models for text comprehension and generation; symbolic AI with real-valued logic (i.e., building decision logic using real-world scenarios and data); mixed reality and augmented intelligence; advanced data mining and predictive analytics; and digital twinning.

Strategic application of these technologies is expected to result in meaningful advancements in patient recruitment and retention, protocol creation/optimization, risk-based quality monitoring and overall delivery speed and quality. These technologies can also deliver an improved patient experience and greater productivity for Fortrea customers, sites and employees.

Developments from the AI Innovation Studio will be critical to Fortrea’s clinical technology platform, which is being designed to integrate clinical trial technology into a consumer-grade, location-agnostic, omni-channel, persona-based experience accessible thorough a single screen.

“Fortrea is focused on a future vision of the CRO industry, allowing us to build TO the future rather than FROM the past,” said Brian Dolan, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. “We are exercising great care and consideration to the responsible and ethical development and deployment of AI, prioritizing doing the right thing for the right reasons and protecting patient safety and privacy, and the intellectual property of our customers.”

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