Former APML Secretary General set to join new party soon

General Islamabad

Islamabad: Former Federal Minister, Barrister Muhammad Ali Khan Saif has been in the limelight since last few weeks relating to his resignation from the office of APML Secretary General after developing differences with APML leadership.

According to a press release the former Federal Minister Barrister Saif said that he left APML due to some core differences on party restructuring and preference of APML leadership on nonpolitical people against political workers of APML.

Saif said that APML is being run by nonpolitical persons and former military aides who possess decision making authority in the party affairs and all office bearers of APML in Pakistan were designated with their approval. He alleged that nonpolitical persons who assumed the key positions of APML in Punjab and Sindh have stigmatized the party due to their nonpolitical adventures.

Responding to a query, Barrister Saif clarified that he supported former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf on human grounds and at a time when he was secluded by political opportunists. “I supported APML Quaid and organized APML at gross root level in the entire country during last four years and today when the former President has landed in Pakistan and again his popularity graph is at its zenith, I decided to vacate place for someone other”, Saif said.

Saif said he has not yet decided to join any other political party after tendering his resignation from the office of APML secretary general; however, he will soon announce his decision in this regard.

Answering to a query, he said that he has also written a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP to remove his name from the slot of APML Secretary General in its record. Barrister Saif also said that different political parties have contacted with him to join their respective political parties and in this regard, he is weighing different options and soon announce his decision ahead of most important elections of the country’s history.