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Fog disturbs PIA flights

Karachi: Dense fog, zero visibility at Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and adjoining areas, the schedule of Pakistan International Airlines PIA flights remained affected, PIA Spokesman said here on Wednesday.

Due to heavy fog at Lahore and adjoining areas, the schedule of PIA domestic and International flights is affected now being subject to weather as safety is the foremost priority of PIA and flights cannot be operated under such weather conditions when the visibility is zero.

Flight timings of the following flights were changed due to Fog: PK 307 of 25th December could not operate at night time due to heavy fog. The flight was sent next day. Similarly PK 302 Karachi-Lahore, PK 300 Karachi-Islamabad, PK 709 & PK 710 Lahore-Manchester-Lahore, PK 751 & PK 752 Lahore-Oslo-Copenhagen-Lahore, PK 323 & PK 322 Lahore-Quetta-Lahore, PK 270271 Lahore-Delhi-Lahore, PK 898 & PK 899 Lahore-Kuala Lumpur-Lahore, PK 203 & PK 204 Lahore-Dubai-Lahore and PK 893 Islamabad-Lahore were rescheduled, while PK 652 Lahore-Islamabad was cancelled.

Lahore weather remains unpredictable from evening till late morning therefore flights operations keep monitoring and as soon as there is visibility flights are operated. It is expected that the weather pattern may remain unchanged till next Friday. Hence, expected time of arrivals and departures has been changed to ensure safety of Passengers.

Passengers are requested to please contact the PIA call centre 111786786 for flight timings.


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