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Flood situation

Peshawar: According to a report received from the Flood Cell, Irrigation Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar, on Wednesday, Kabul River at Warsak and Nowshera, Panjkora River at Dir, Swat River at Khawazakhela, Shah Alam River at Takhtabad and Adenzai River at Adezai bridge were flowing in medium flood discharging 93430,
132200, 25922, 27189, 7939, 57900 cusecs of water.

Similarly, Indus River at Tarbela, Swat River at Amandra Head Works and Naguman River at Charsadda Road were flowing in low flood, discharging 272500, 28046 and
11468 cusecs of water. However, the remaining rivers of the Province are flowing as normal.


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