Finance Minister pledges continued support for GB

Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Gulbar Khan called on Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb in Islamabad today.

The Chief Minister expressed gratitude to the federal government for its continued support, particularly the wheat subsidy provided to the region. He highlighted several areas where Gilgit-Baltistan requires further assistance and appealed for increased support in the upcoming budget to address these issues.

The Finance Minister emphasized the numerous opportunities available in Gilgit-Baltistan, noting its potential as a prime location for tourism. He pointed out that the region is rich in gems and mineral resources and suggested that GB government can leverage its resources to generate revenue and unlock its true potential.

The Federal Finance Secretary, who was also present in the meeting, recognized the potential areas for investment in Gilgit-Baltistan, reiterating that the federal government has generously supported the region in the budget.

The meeting concluded with a mutual commitment to
continue working together to address the challenges and harness the opportunities in Gilgit-Baltistan for the benefit of its residents.

Source: Radio Pakistan